To create an organization which could provide employment to thousands of educated youngsters.

To create an organisation with opportunities to the deserving in owning their own business at their local area, thereby ensuring a Customer Courier bonding with the best of services.

Be always advancing and outperforming in an on guard & systematic manner.

Be more customer friendly and achieve brand enhancement by the exploitation of IT and other technologies for sustained quality standards, training and motivation.

To be identified as the largest Courier in the Country with the presence felt in every nook and corner of India.

To be identified as an economical and effective Courier Service.


Being the guiding light - for proactive application of technology and changing with the times.

Being the medium - always advancing, organised, systematic and outperforming.

Being the methodology - aimed at Brand enhancement by exploitation of I.T. and other technologies with sustained quality standard, training and motivation.


To stay well ahead of the others and be the Courier with a vision. Opt for value addition in all aspects of services.